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Low Pully Push-Ups by Nick Nillson

By DMorgan
Created 12/12/2008 - 4:05pm

Push-ups are obviously a classic exercise - when you think bodyweight training, it's usually one of the first exercises you think of.

But, of course, I've got a new twist on the regular push-up that will just TRASH your pecs...much better than regular push-ups even though the exercise is pretty much exactly the same!

So here's the deal...you'll be using the cable-crossover setup (you can also hitch a couple of training bands to objects about 10 feet apart - that works great, too).

You're going to be doing push-ups with the two pulleys pulling your arms apart - this outwards tension puts extra tension on the pecs because even though your hands are planted on the ground, your pecs have to fire to keep the cables from pulling your hands out from under you!

This means you're pushing up AND you're fighting outwards pull. Double trouble...

So set about 20 to 40 lbs or so on the cross-over stacks and attach the single handles. You can add more if you need it once you figure out how this works.

Go grab the left handle.

Then go grab the right handle.

Now get into push-up position - you'll be on your fists when doing these push-ups because of how you have to grip the handles. Your hands will also be in a neutral (palms-facing in) position as you do the exercise.

Drop down into the position as you normally would then push back up. The exercise is EXACTLY the same - the difference is in the outwards-pulling tension.

This picture below shows another varation where instead of grabbing the handles, you can also attach ankle harnesses to the pulleys and loop those around your wrists.

This allows you to do push-ups in a flat-palm position (like normal).

As I mentioned, you can use bands as well - just tie them on to the left and right and grip the ends in your fists, just like the cable handles. Works exactly the same way and it will fire up your pecs like crazy!

It's a great way to increase the muscle-building power of the push-up.

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