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Spring Strategy by William Healy

By DMorgan
Created 03/14/2006 - 10:47am

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    With the warm weather approaching, most golfers start to turn their attention toward the links. Now is the time to incorporate not only your new strength and flexibility routine, but also the results of your hard work during the winter. Fitness cannot be stored, so please continue your program even if you decrease the time you do it.

Challenge Yourself

     The first goal of the season should be to move back a tee. You will end up with more long irons, and have to push yourself to score the same. Most golfers make the mistake of practicing their strong shots, instead of trying to bring up the weak parts of their game. Long bunker shots, punch shots, and tight lies are examples of shots a player needs, but rarely practices.

     Often a player will not only get a wider variety of shots from the back tees, they will play better because they have to. Frequently golfers will swing worse when they are playing shorter courses. Just like I would advise anyone who wants to improve to play with better golfers, I would encourage them to play tougher courses.

     Try to incorporate any new equipment into play immediately. With each club, write down new yardages, use the equipment for ¾  and full shots, and try to work the ball left and right. For wedges, try short and long shots, and check the spin rate when the ball lands on the green. For putters, try putts from everywhere, and check how the ball comes off the blade compared to your old putter.

     Trying any new ball is going to take at least several rounds. The trajectory of the ball is very important. Does the ball spin more or less with irons, chip shots, or bunker shots? How does the ball react off the putter blade? The combination of driver loft and ball trajectory has become an important issue. Make sure your golf professional assists you.

Continue Your Workout

     The last thing a golfer should do is quit working out when the weather breaks. Golf is a game of inches and it pays to have the same range of motion, energy level, and motivation levels at all times. There are not any poor parts of the swing, just the wrong components put together. Hopefully you have spent the winter working on imbalances, restrictions, and the weakest areas of your body.

     Just like many players shy away from working on weaker areas of their game, I find quite a few that shun exercising when the weather breaks. Most golfers will cut back the number of workouts per week, but think of shorter durations as an option. Your flexibility routine can be performed anywhere, and multiple variations of exercises can be utilized at home.

     Most players who worked hard on their body in the off season will be pleasantly surprised in the spring. Not only will you hit the ball further, your ability to hit quality shots throughout the round will be enhanced. Most players will find their stability and balance have improved, which should translate into more power. You should continue exercises that help to develop the kinetic chain, making each swing much more efficient. Remember that just because you have the ability to hit more practice balls this season, does not mean you need to stay out on the practice tee all day. We are trying to build efficiency in all aspects of your game.

     Make it a point to slow your swing down this season, and let your new power be fully utilized. Ninety percent of players try to overpower the ball, which greatly increases the risk of injury and weak, wild shots.  


     Hopefully your workouts have driven you to change your diet and start eating healthier. Once the spring season arrives, you should stay committed to what you started. Manipulating what you eat not only helps you to build lean muscle, but also have more energy and concentration throughout the round.

     Each golfer has their own preferences and reaction to food. I prefer to drink a prepackaged shake after nine holes. I have done this for over ten years and it works very well. Most golfers cannot eat and concentrate at the same time. I feel the exact same way after a shake each time, and routines are critical to good golf. Golfers are athletes, and over the long term a clean diet pays off.    

     The weather can still be very cold in the spring, making proper nutrition vital. Golfers will frequently run out of gas early in the season, until they become accustomed to striking that many balls each round. See how golf fitness immediately gives you the edge on your competitors! 

The Mental Game

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  With the approach of spring, visions of longer drives, lower handicaps, and tournament wins appear frequently. By developing you body over the off season, you have greatly enhanced your ability to achieve your goals. The first rounds of the spring will always bring inconsistency, so don’t get concerned. The fit golfer should look at the best shots of the round to show the potential that can be attained. Golf fitness greatly reduces you risk of injury, so this season may be your most consistent.  Frequently I hear golfers talk themselves out of playing well. Many just do not think they have the ability. In my opinion, anyone can break eighty if they practice, play, workout, and have the desire.

 William Healy BA, CSCS, PGFA
Golf Performance Expert
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