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Leucine And BCAA Structured Peptides

By DMorgan
Created 01/22/2012 - 6:10pm

Leucine and BCAA Structured Peptides

250% Greater Muscle Growth!

Leucine Structured Peptides, BCAA Structured Peptides

Structured Peptides are absorbed faster, utilized better, and produce 250 percent greater muscle growth than free-form amino acids.

BIOTEST® Leucine and BCAA Structured Peptides are produced from peptide enhanced whey-protein isolate, utilizing a three-step process:

  1. –  Whey-protein isolate is hydrolyzed into very small peptide forms using a combination of selective enzymes (aminopeptidases and proteases) to break apart targeted leucine peptide and BCAA-peptide bonds.
  2. –  Afterward, small peptide formations are extracted from the hydrolyzed whey by passing the mixture through a series of filters, ending with nanofiltration.
  3. –  Next, the nano-mixture undergoes a final reaction phase to further enhance its total leucine and BCAA content.

The end result is a highly refined mixture of leucine and BCAA di- and tripeptides that provides the body with the greatest effects from leucine/ BCAA supplementation.

Di- and Tripeptide Science

Leucine Science

BCAA Science

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