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Workout Program For 60 YD.Baseball Sprint Test by Jack Cascio

By DMorgan
Created 02/26/2011 - 5:56pm

Baseball 60 yard breakdown

With small-ball becoming a more critical role in baseball, developing blazing speed is essential for most players.

What is the first thing you are tested at a MLB, or College Showcase? The 60 yard sprint!

This means before they watch you do anything else they want to know how fast you are.

Depending on your position, some scouts will even scratch you off their list before they see you field, hit, or throw.

When trying to play at the next level, scouts would rather take a chance on players who are great athletes/fast who lack proper hitting and/or fielding mechanics, than an athlete who is sloth like with great mechanics.

Speed is looked at as more of a God-given talent.

This brings up a very common question players will ask: Can you teach speed?

And the answer is absolutely, 100%, you can teach a player to get faster!

That said, in this article I will break down exactly how the 60 works, and some things you can do to increase your time literally overnight!!

To take it a step further, I am going to break it up into 20 yard increments and give you an easy to follow program where you’ll learn how to test, analyze, and get rid of ALL wasted movement to immediately drop your 60.

So what is holding most of you back from getting that star next to your name before you even put a glove on, or grab a bat?

The list could go on for days, but below I have made you a checklist you should abide by if you are serious about dropping your 60.

Throughout this 3 part series I will teach you exactly how to run through this checklist and correct each flaw you may have.

Many of you probably would struggle to even answer one of those questions. That is what this 3 part article series is for. You will actually start to understand what muscles work for each progression (phase) of the 60.

Having that knowledge, you should be able to prescribe your own workout based on what you need most help with. There is no ONE workout to increase 60 times so avoid following cookie cutter speed workouts at all causes.

20/60 Yards

The first phase of the 60 is arguably the most important when you want to open the eyes of scouts and coaches. To best analyze what you need most help with in your 60, you NEED to break it out and see where the problem lies!! Many of you are training your 60’s the same way everyone else is (squats, plyometrics, sprints, etc…) and there is nothing wrong with that. You will see results with that approach, mainly because those are the exact components involved in getting faster. However, how do you know what type of plyos to do? How many days per week? Do you need to focus on acceleration or your start, or both?

Through countless hours of researching and analyzing sprinters I have a knack for guys who fall into the 20/60 category when it comes to speed. There are many guys in the MLB who run 6.5 60’s but have nothing to show for it in the SB column at the end of the year. Do you want to know why?

Because they do NOT get good starts/reads off pitchers. Some guys who have great starts are: Brett Gardner, Juan Pierre, Jose Reyes, Carl Crawford, and David Wright. Wright does not even come close to them in terms of 60 times, but his wherewithal on the base baths make him a threat. Learning how to steal bases is an entirely different subject so for now, I will stick to the 60.

When you run the 60 you will start as if you were on the base-paths, so NEVER train from a sprinters stance. 20/60 checklist:


Write down all of the test results and start to look for the patterns of when you speed up and slow down. Example: If my scores were…

You will notice there is a steady decrease in average speed over time. Meaning…You guessed it right!! I need an increase in acceleration. Now that doesn’t mean my start is at its peak, but you now know where to start and then just work backwards from there. **When Testing make sure you take 2-4 minute breaks in between to give yourself enough time to recover**

Now this may sound like a lot of work, but you will thank me later. Breaking down your body’s strengths and weaknesses is the best way to improve and maintain your gains.

Prescription: Getting a faster start (20 yards)

When trying to get faster out of the blocks you will need to train your body to get to top gear faster. This workout below shows how you can do that.

Lateral Quick Feet: 3x20secs

Vertical Quick Feet: 3x20secs

Alternating Quick Feet: 3x20secs

Rapid Low box jump: 3x20secs (as fast as possible)

Alternating foot box: 3x20secs (as fast as possible)

**Note: Keep your eyes up when doing all quick feet drills**

Do this workout 2-3x per week and you will drop your 10 and 20 yard times with no problem. That being said, we still have 40 more yards to cover. Just think, if you drop a tenth off each phase (20, 40, 60), that is 3 TENTHS off your 60!! That could be the make or break of getting a scholarship, or even signing a professional contract. Stay tuned for part 2 (40/60 yards).

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