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Gain Weight And Build Explosive Muscle For Football by Steve Morris

By DMorgan
Created 03/29/2010 - 9:42pm

A Simple 5-step Plan to Bulk Up, Gain Weight and Build Explosive Muscle for Football [1]

How to bulk up and gain quality, muscle for football is one of the oldest questions in the football trainign book. Even before “whatta ya bench” there were guys trying to get bigger for football.

I was just reading about the 1943 Chicago Bears and as far back as 1930 they had guys who needed to bulk up and “add some of that muscle and sinew necessary for the game.”



gain weight for football [2]

Better gain some weight for football - double quick!

And though football is a game of speed, don’t let that fool you into thinking that size is unimportant, especially to the high school football player. I’m all for the guts displayed by the 165-lb O-lineman, but, at some point he’s going to face a big, strong, fast 280-lb D-lineman and it’s gonna get mighty scary.

The question is how…how do you gain weight without getting fat? How to you gain muscle without getting slower? And, just what the hell do you need to eat to pull this transformation off?

Most just start eating everything in sight, knocking off Buffets like they’re on a Dillenger-esque crime spree. They eat McDonalds 6x’s a week and do 15 bizzalion reps in the weight room.

But, we all know that unless you are really, truly in possession of an ultra fast metabolism (less than 1% are), then this plan will turn you into a fat ass better suited to sit at your computer than to make tackles on the football field.

You know better, so, here is the 5-Step Plan to Gain Weight, Bulk Up, and Build Explosive Muscle for Football…

1. Eat Food – A Lot of Healthy Food

Right off the bat lets establish that you need to eat a lot of food to get bigger. Muscle isn’t made from magic, my friend. This leads to two problems

Yes, I know, you totally eat a lot. You had a whole chicken breast for lunch and ate like two dishes of rice and beans for dinner.

Sorry, pal, that’s not cutting it. Not for an athlete.

You’re at the age where your body is growing and that is eating up calories…and you spend all day in school thinking (hopefully) that eats up calories…and you are in the weightroom 3 – 4 hours a week plus running, stretching, plyos, skills and that eats up calories.

So, if you have all these insane energy demands, why eat like a normal couch-loving, dorito-eating, fat-assed American?


fat kid bulking up for football [3]

These two dudes are gonna be hyooooge!

Right, you shouldn’t not if you really want to get bigger for football…and make that new found bigness mostly muscle.

Problem is, once guys learn to eat a lot, they start to eat garbage. 10 trips to Burger King a week along with after lifting pizza and all-weekend-long binges leads you out of the land of the muscular bulk and into the realm of the Fat Turd football player. The big, slow, gelatinous, slob who can’t block much more than the sun.

So, know that some junk is ok…eating pizza on the weekend or some fast food once a week, but, if that’s what your diet is based around, you’ll just turn into a big fast ass.

Here’s what happens with the skinny dudes. My friend and former Trainee Josh used to be guilty of this. They’d eat one enormous meal a day, something like a whole pizza and fries then be so full they ate little to nothing else the rest of the day! First of all, that many calories forced on the body all at once is going on as fat or out in the toilet.

You need to get these small to medium sized meals in every single day. They should be:

? Centered on Protein (this is the main macronutrient you’re after)

? Include a good amount of healthy fats (Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Flax, Fish, Walnut, Coconut oil) this will vary depending on your size but you’ll come in at around 100 – 150g of fat per day

? Include at least one fruit or vegetable

So, just eating whatever slop they pile on your tray in the lunch room is a thing of the past. You might actually have to break down and brown bag your lunch. Most of what they serve you in school is loaded with carbs, sugar, and grade – F nutrients.

What does a meal look like? Well, lunch might be:

That’s going to give you around 50g of protein, a vegetable, healthy fat and is pretty damn low carb.

You are Aiming for 1/g of protein per lb of bodyweight. So, a 160lb guy will try to get 160g of protein, minimal. And, as you gain weight, this must be adjusted! When you get to 180lbs, better get 180-grams.

Now onto the big question…how many calories do you need to get bigger for football?

[4]This is a tougher one to answer. As a base, start with Bodyweight x 22.

If after eating like this for at least 4 weeks, consistently, you aren’t gaining weight, go x 24.

For the same 160lb guy, you’d be eating a little over 3,500 calories per day as your starting point….those with actual fast metabolisms will have to eat more, simple as that.

You will have to adjust your eating as you go. If you are gaining a consistent 1 – 2lbs per week, you’re on the right track.

2. Train Heavy but Briefly

Guys who have trouble getting bigger for football usually under eat and over train. It’s a lethal combo. Now, you will hav to work your ass off in the weight room if you want to gain muscle. But, most guys over do it in terms of volume and time.

To get bigger and stronger for football, you need to train heavy. Like ball-busting, I’m-about-to-vomit kind of heavy. But, going in the weight room for 2 and a half hours is not the goal.

If you really think you can go into the gym and train heavy for 3hours you’re kidding yourself.

Safety Squat Bar Box Squat [5]Get in, get out.

Its simple really – go in, warm up, do some jumps, tackle the biggest, heaviest move of the day, say Squats, do a few assistance exercises, some abs and go the hell home.

Focus your efforts on low rep sets for the main movements. We prefer to go Max Effort style to build, well, maximum strength! This involves working up to a heavy single, double, triple or 4. Or, we can do something along the lines of 8 x 3 or 6 x 4.

?Either way, the goal is to lift as much weight as possible with as much speed (of movement) as possible. This applies to main exercises like Squats, Deadlifts, Bench, incline, Cleans, etc.

As you’ll see, this strength will pay off big time when it comes to bulking up.

3. Use High Reps Wisely

If you want to get bigger, just train like a bodybuilder, right?

Wrong, Sucka MC.

While we will apply some principles of bodybuilding to the program, we do not go all out and start shaving down and oiling up.

Bodybuilding, as in doing higher reps on assistance exercises, is fine. We want to build some muscle that way. But, we can’t go trainign to failure all the time and “counting time under tension” and counting tempo or any of that horse shit.

As far as higher reps go, understand that this isn’t permission to pick up 20lb’ers and curl till your arms explode. As Vince Gironda once remarked, it’s not the high reps that build muscle and its not the heavy weights…it’s the high reps with heavy weights

We use reps on our assistance exercises in 4 ways:

Pick a way, and do it each workout. Since most guys get stupid when it comes to doing reps, its usually best to use the timer to keep you in line.

For example, follow your Heavy Bench with some timed sets in the DB Incline.

Or, on your Rep Day, Do a block of Bar Push Ups and Chins for 20-minutes, record the number of reps and beat it next time.

4. Drink Your Way Huge

One of the most common complaints from the skinny and downtrodden is that they simply can’t eat all that food. Now, being a lover of food and food related substances, I think these people are out of their minds but who am I to judge.

First, understand that you will have to eat even when you don’t want to. Sorry, there’s just no easier way. Want to achieve your goals? Ok, then suck it the F up.

But, there is some relief. You can turn to liquid mass, as they say…

A good protein drink can be a life saver to the guy trying to get bigger for football. While they do not have magical properties (if you ask me if protein powders “work” I’m going to dump the powder on your head…it’s like asking if “chicken works”).

You need one post workout…so, might as well use them to help you bulk.

You can add 2 shakes per day, mixed in milk for the extra calories and easily add 100g of protein and 600+ calories to your diet. And, they’ll help you recover a bit faster so you can work harder. They’re cost effective (2 scoops of most protein powders mixed in water will give 40 – 50 grams of protein for about $1.40 total) and they help you easily get to your protein and calorie totals. You can replace two food meals (make sure one is your after-lifting/practice/game meal) with protein shakes.

You may have to add onto the shakes to get the calories up. Blending peanut butter, a bananna and yogurt into your shake can add up the calories. It’s a practice as old as the barbell and it’s still in use for a reason…it works.

We like IronTek’s Whey, Optimum Nutrition’s Whey and Casein, and, if you can afford it, Muscle Milk.

Simply add two scoops to 8 – 12oz of milk and shake it up and drink it down. Surprisingly, Wal-Mart carries a brand of Whey that is pretty good. Its not the best tasting, but, you can jazz it up a bit.

6. Follow a Plan!

Unless you’re on meth, stop Frankenstein-ing!

This is how we refer to the practice of combining a plethora of different training programs into some freakish hybrid football training program that misses the point.

You can’t do low carb and low fat at the same time….You can’t be a HIT’er, do Crossfit, and be a Powerlifter…just ain’t happening man.

This practice has, unfortunately, gotten a strong hold in the football training world. Guys either jump from program to program or simply copy a bunch of workouts from different sources and slap them together hoping this is the key to football speed and strength. And, worse yet, when guys are trying to get bigger for football, they completely ditch their entire plan the minute things don’t go well…miss your last rep on curls? OH GOD NO! Time to change your entire program!

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